With The People & For The People.

Planting Seeds of Love

Planting Seeds of Love produces inspiration and empowerment and induces mental and community change everyone is striving for to experience and see.

Community Art Center

We believe that art is an important tool for change. Art Heals. Art Inspires. Art Empowers. Click To Download Our PDF

The Garden Project

Building personal gardens and a community garden at Joseph E Lowery Blvd with the community will not only be a solution to the food desert and food insecurity problem in the community of Bankhead, but it will also help in building relationships and access to healthy nutrition. Click To Download Our PDF

Food For Food – Insecure Communities

Thank you Wholefoods Markets /Amazon for your food donations every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. That allows us to bring food to the food insecure refugees in Clarkston and to communities in Chamblee Tucker; as well as to the Boyce L Ansley School, a school for children who’s parents experience and have experienced homelessness. We are grateful to be able to serve in total up to 240 food insecure families every week. Click To Download Our PDF

Hospice Orchid Project

Heart To Heart - Celebrating Our Hero Healthcare Workers

Change To Humanity has been collecting orchids from Whole Foods Markets. Often times, when a flower of an orchid plant dies or breaks, the plant is no longer marketable to retail consumers and unfortunately, goes into the waste heap. What’s amazing, is this Orchid is usually a perfectly healthy plant, ready and waiting to grow new flowers. Thankfully, Change To Humanity has been able to successfully adopt these plants to be revitalized in a greenhouse setting.

Change To Humanity will celebrate these orchids by not only offering them to those who risked their lives to save so many during the COVID-19 crisis. Furthermore, operating a greenhouse(s) is not only therapeutic, but harmonious with our core mission. When the pandemic is over, the orchids will then be shared and gifted with Hospice and senior homes. We will then connect with the prison system as a means of rehabilitation and therapy for the inmates. Our core focus with this project will always be based around orchids and herbs.

Download The Hero Healthcare Workers PDF

With The People & For The People.

Self Sustainability

Restoring hope and stability to community members by creating permanent housing to reduce homelessness in Bankhead.

Job training and employment will be created for our disenfranchised community members for years to come by supporting the right to freedom, peace, and equality. The community’s image will transform into one of beauty, safety, and prosperity.

We Care

We care, not only for people, but for our environment as well. A unique program solving a common problem in the community. Let's all work together to help make the world a much better place. Click To Download Our PDF

People Restoration

We are providing support to our clients through the following courses:

• Self-Healing
• Self-Empowerment
• Crisis Management
• Anger Management
• Relationship Building
• Therapeutic Art classes

Job Training & Employment

Courses focus on teaching a sustainable living, in collaboration with other organizations which include:

• Urban Farming
• Carpentry
• Painting
• Sewing / Tailoring
• Computer Skills
• Financial Skills

With The People & For The People.

Bridge City Atlanta

Building bridges from heart to heart, community to community, city to city and country to country. Together we can change the shape of the world for a positive and enriching future.

Our Future Project

Bridge City Atlanta will be a green artist community build on 25 acres of wooded land that was donated to Change to Humanity (CTH) It is located at Flat Shoals Rd, Atlanta GA, less than 7 miles from Atlanta's International Airport.

Bridge City Atlanta will make the City of Atlanta shine in its connections with local communities, Cities, States, and Countries. Atlanta will be known as the City where art is the bridge to beautify, inspire, empower, heal, connect and prosper.

We Welcome Everyone With Open Arms