Rodney D. Mullins

Before joining the Obama administration as National Consumer Advocate, Rodney D. Mullins served as an experienced business leader that has successfully managed both national and international community growth and business development campaigns. His most prolific projects have been in the areas of health sustainability, community asset mapping, strategic planning and market development initiatives which have cultivated thousands of new customers and branding opportunities.

He has trained mentored and hired dozens of executives in both the corporate and philanthropic sector. Mr. Mullins has also consulted business professionals in the area of strategic revenue development, urban planning and customized marketing presentations.

In recognition of this commitment to expanding access to the healthcare for all Americans, Mr. Mullins was recently selected by the White House to serve on a special economic development committee (Pulmonary Allergy Drug Advisory Committee) of the Food and Drug Administration for a 4-year term. He is also currently writing articles and reviews in preparation for a new book project on business growth in United States.

Wake Forest University, Bachelor of Arts, Communications
United States Military Academy, West Point, NY
Graduate Courses, Marketing, Brand Management, Communications, Finance

Tonya Grace

Tonya Grace was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Grace studied journalism and secondary education at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. After graduation, she taught in Alabama as a middle school teacher for three years before the sudden death of her younger brother. Being compelled after the death of her brother, Grace, her husband and their daughter moved to Georgia where Grace continued her career as a high school educator. While living in Georgia, she also acquired a hobby of filmmaking and creative writing. After ten years of writing and volunteering on independent film projects, Grace founded the Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance in 2012, where she contributes to not only the art of filmmaking but to the organization’s goals; using film to educate and make a positive difference, using film to help other independent filmmakers be successful, and to provide an outlet and support for at risk-youth. Grace is pleased to be a part of Change to Humanity. This opportunity provides her with another avenue to take part in making a difference for the betterment of tomorrow.

Dr. Melody Castro

Melody earned her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2010 from Mercer University in Atlanta. Before that, though, her life did not appear to be leading to being a doctor of anything, because she was homeless as a teen and again with two children on several occasions through the years.

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1978, Melody has lived most of her life in Georgia. Growing up with a mother afflicted by mental illness, Melody found herself homeless by the age of 15 years. Like so many young girls on the street, Melody fell prey to older men who wanted to abuse her for their own gratification. She got away from them, and met the man who would become the father of her children. She married him at the age of 16 but as it turned out he became abusive and left without the provision of child support. Instead, Melody found herself paying off accumulated debt while raising her daughters by herself.

Even though it was financially devastating, Melody focused on getting her education so she could support herself and her two daughters. Working at a variety of jobs and going to school whenever she could, Melody was able to put herself through her undergraduate studies at Kennesaw State University, spending the first month of her first semester homeless in her car with two little girls. She eventually graduated from a pharmacy program at Mercer University where she earned her Doctor of Pharmacy, Geriatric Certification, and Community Pharmacy Ownership Certification in 2010.

Now she works as a pharmacist at Alliance Community Pharmacy, an independently owned specialty pharmacy in Atlanta, where she specializes in HIV and multiple sclerosis.

Since she was 15 years old, Melody has been involved in helping the homeless. Help to be Helped is a mantra that has ensured her own ability to take care of her family. One will not go hungry if one is feeding. She has been a supporter and participant of Everybody’s Kitchen, a school bus renovated with an industrial-sized kitchen and ran off solar power, which provides food and resources to homeless and protestors. She has also volunteered with Food Not Bombs (provides food to the needy), Georgia Cares (provides support to Georgia Medicare recipients), a hospice volunteer for Vitas Hospice, Manna Food Banks, and Open Books.

She also helped to build a community garden on the land provided by Manna Food Banks and produced over 100 lbs. a week of fresh produce to donate to Manna Food Banks. Homeless in the area were recruited to help produce the garden, and through those relationships, she was able to identify those who could use her help in a more personal way. She was able to provide room and board to several homeless and saw them through to being capable of providing their own homes.

Now, Melody is teaming up with Change to Humanity to do great things!

Luigi Iannunzio

15 years Experience within the Australian Public Service and 15 Years experience in Executive Management and Finance roles in the private enterprise. My main strengths are initiating strategies / motivator / trendsetting / effective administrator-ship.

I am currently responsible for steering the company in having a clear direction regarding planned objectives whilst pursuing continued growth in diverse manufacturing markets. To achieve our goals I am creating a company culture that is staff inclusive, supporting Industrial Democracy and producing a ‘team’ culture where everyone is valued, respected and recognized at every level of achievement.

Matt Gammon

Business mogul that owns several companies including Zeppelin Agency, Famous Films, and Fahrenheit Records. He was born in Dallas, Texas in 1979 and moved to Marietta, GA in 1990. He has been in the music industry since 2000. He has recorded many, i.e. Ying Yang Twins, Killer Mike, Rehab, Dead Prez, Bubba Sparxx, Collective Soul, Jarren Benton and more. He then entered the film industry in 2005 and has made commercials and music videos for clients such as : AT&T, Burger King, Krystals, Mazda, Jeep, Topgolf, Reebok, PGA Pro Wake Board Tour, Ritz, Usher, 2 Chainz, TI, J Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Waka Flocka, VH1 and more. He recently started his own company called  The Zeppelin Agency and has worked with clients such as Delta, Sprint, Meineke, Braces Braces, LED Cents and Rebelity Software. Matt has also appeared in movies and TV shows such as Remember the Titans, We Are Marshell, Zombieland, Flight, and The Walking Dead.

He went to college and played football at Georgia Southern University from 1998 to 1999. His team won the national championship in 1999. He graduated KSU in 2005 with degrees in Business Management, Communication and got a minor in IT.

Matt is a humanitarian and philanthropist, he has volunteered with many organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Must Ministries, Join our Fight, End it Movement, Messengers of Hope. He recently joint his church ministry at a trip to Uganda to assist in building wells for clean water for the people of Uganda.