The people of NW Atlanta, the homeless and the veterans need our support, our care and love.
Revitalization of NW Atlanta has started It is like an unstoppable, yet slow moving train, the people must recognize and jump onto in order not to miss the ride when the train shifts into full gear.
We observed the disappearance of supermarkets, banks, schools and businesses. Unoccupied, boarded – up and dilapidated houses seem to be the norm and in the hands of investors. We know most entities will be replaced with better ones. Yet, is betterment for ‘most’ or does it displace ‘most’ who lived in the community since generations? Are we to witness gentrification with people displacement like in so many other communities when revitalization and beautification takes place?
It doesn’t have to be this way
Change to Humanity, together with other schools, organizations and leaders is taking a firm stand in the belief that people revitalization and building revitalization must go hand in hand to reduce people displacement drastically.
What does it take and mean to revitalize people?
It takes a grassroots approach in building personal relationships that forms trust and induces inspiration and empowerment. It means less Judgment and more love. It means to become an insider and work with the insiders from inside out. It means leaving the roundtable meetings and office desks and start walking street by street and knocking on doors. It means listening and encouraging people to lead and participate in projects that solve the problems of food insecurity. It means uplifting morals and self-confidence through art and beautifying the streets that involves everyone. It means to design and implement businesses that provide jobs and pay that are in alignment with cost of living. It means promoting and implementing a healthy rate of affordable housing. (40 to 60) In order to succeed with everything listed, we have to become also bridge builders by building each other up rather than tearing each other down and are willing to collaborate and keep dialogues going. It means to connect the rich and the poor in understanding and relating. That will decrease crime and increase peace and prosperity.
WE are aware not everyone will hop on the train. We will not be able to inspire and empower everyone since this is a personal choice, vision and willingness. What we must do however is to educate, inspire and empower continuously. Failure has happened only when we have given up.
What do we do is ‘Planting Seeds of Love with the People and for the People’
Building relationships through food
In Sept.of 2016 we started knocking on doors, house by house while walking the streets and engaging with the people. We listened and took notes. Food became our means of building relationships and an answer to the food insecurity and food desert experienced by many. With the help of Wholefoods Market, Einstein Bagels and Papa Jones Pizza food donations, we were able to provide up to 3 x weekly food to individuals and families. Meanwhile the word spread and keeps spreading and people from Ada Ave NW and surrounding streets come to our sanctuary, located at 1009 Ada Ave NW every Sunday from 11:45AM – 12:30 PM to receive free, mostly organic produce, groceries, baked goods and prepared foods before we continue to feed the homeless.
Clean up and beautification street by street
Residents from Ada Ave and surrounding streets as far as Jones Ave, together with schools and artists are inspired to participate in our clean up and beautification project. Beautification is called for collecting recycling materials and transform it into art i.e. tire planters for flowers and herbs, statues and more.
We started with 1009 Ada Ave NWwhere CTH owns ¾ of an acre land. The land serves as a community sanctuary and gathering place for food donations and events to inspire, empower and educate. It consists of a Food pantry and ‘soon to come’ Aquaponic green house, a platform for youth to perform and art sculptures made of recycled materials and cut down trees.