With The People & For The People.

Planting Seeds of Love

Planting Seeds of Love produces inspiration and empowerment and induces mental and community change everyone is striving for to experience and see.

Community Art Center

ART is a fundamental step towards self - sustainability for
underserved communities and people.

The Re-purposing Process of the Community Art Center takes place next to Mozley Park.

The Garden Project

Building personal gardens and a community garden at Joseph E Lowery Blvd with the community will not only be a solution to the food desert and food insecurity problem in the community of Bankhead, but it will also help in building relationships and access to healthy nutrition.

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Food For Food - Insecure Communities

Thank You Wholefoods Market / Amazon for your food donations every Sunday! That allows us to bring food to the refugees in Clarkston and the people of Bankhead every Sunday from 11:45 Am to 2:00 PM

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